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Orion/Theta Healing

Orion/Theta Healing is a spiritual based technique that allows us to directly re-program the sub-conscious mind with new positive beliefs and teach new feelings directly to every cell of our body. In other words; it identifies limiting belief systems and dissolves deeply held blocks and instantly re-programs the sub-conscious mind.

For example if a person has been depressed for an number of years they probably don’t know what it feels like to be happy and this can be taught instantly. The ability to feel happy has always been there but with Theta Healing we open the receptors to be able to identify the feeling.

We learn that it is your subconscious belief that creates your reality, despite your efforts to consciously think positively and affirm positive thoughts regarding your relationships, health, wealth or career.

Theta Healing allows you to easily identify these sub-conscious beliefs that are creating your reality, instantly change them, teach positive feelings and ultimately realise a new and empowered way of living.

We all desire a life of happiness and fulfilment in many aspects of our existence. It is now proven and validated by the cutting edge of quantum physics that it is our deepest beliefs, attitudes and expectations that shape our life experience.

For instance you may want more success in your life or manifest great health. However if you have sub-conscious beliefs and feelings that do not support your ultimate desire such as ‘I am a failure’ or ‘I am not deserving of great health’, then you will only attract and create life experiences that support your sub-conscious beliefs. It is predominantly our sub-conscious beliefs that are ultimately responsible for creating your reality.

Andrea specialises in Healing Treatments for children, Healing Trauma from different experiences, freeing up children to life their full potential and re-connecting Families.

Healing Treatments cost $60.00 per hour. Pesioner Discounts available. Children $40.00 per hour. Distance Healing also available.

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