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How to break through to total Abundance


Tip 1
Be willing to Change and start loving Yourself

‘I am willing to release old, negative beliefs. They are only thoughts that stand in my way. My new thoughts are positive and fulfilling.’ By Louise Hay

The only place you can go and make a change is within you. You have the power to create whatever you dream of, doesn’t matter what your current situation is. All you have to do is take your first step, be open minded and be willing to change. Know that you are a perfect person, and you should love and approve of yourself! It is easy to learn and so wonderful once you do! The whole world embraces you and gives you back an abundance of love!

Tip 2
Make your Home a Toxin Free Environment

If you suffer from any discomfort in your body, feel low on energy or suffer from skin irritations, you should learn about the possibility of a chemical overload in your body. Harsh chemicals and cancer causing agents have found their way into our personal care, skin care and home care products. These chemicals get absorbed and stored in our tissues and can cause all sorts of illnesses! There is a lot of media exposure regarding this subject and the truth will shock you. It is our responsibility to learn about this problem to be able to make an informed decision on what products we use on ourselves and our family. Using a safe alternative will be one big step to your abundance of health.

Tip 3
Enjoy a Healthy Diet with plenty of Water and Exercise

Fast Food and processed foods have taken over healthy home cooked meals. Additives, Colors, Flavors and Preservatives are added to this so called food and essential Vitamins and minerals are missing. Water is replaced by sugar loaded soft drinks. Time for exercise is replaced by television shows and computer games.
How can our bodies stay healthy if we use such cheap fuel? As we all know they don’t. Nearly 1 in 2 people today will get some kind of cancer in their lifetime. I am sure you would agree that nearly everyone these days has some kind of illness.
Nutrition and Toxins play a major role in this problem. It is on you to change that. Educate yourself on those topics and go back to being healthy and be a good example for your children!

Tip 4
Be Grateful

Our feelings and emotions are how we communicate with the unlimited potentiality of the universe or source energy. It is therefore SO important that your vibration or emotions are always at the frequency of what you desire to attract into your life. The best way to start is to feel grateful for what you already have in your life! No matter what your situation is, you can always find something to be grateful for. Keep a ‘Grateful Journal’ and list 5 things you are grateful for every day and feel the gratitude! It may be as simple as a butterfly you saw, a good coffee you drank or a smile you got from someone! This will lift your emotional vibration and it will in turn attract to you more of what you feel grateful for and so on. Your vibrational frequency will be raised spiraling upwards, attracting more and more of the life that you desire.

Tip 5
Understand the Law of Attraction

I am sure you have heard of the saying ‘like attracts like’? Everything in the universe, every plant, animal, rock, EVERYTHING is made out of energy. Actually it is all made of the SAME energy! Every feeling and emotion that you have vibrates at a certain frequency. This energy attracts by Law more of the same!
As an example: if you are in a totally happy mood you will automatically attract other people with a happy mood. If you feel love for yourself and your surrounding, you will automatically attract more love. On the other hand if you have negative feelings or thoughts you will automatically attract more negativity.
Now Imagine what you could achieve if you would learn to consciously use this energy to attract everything you want into your life!!! You can attract all the Abundance you want!

Tip 6
Have Dreams and a real Desire to achieve them

When you get into your car and head off to your holiday destination it is absolutely necessary to know WHERE you are going, isn’t it? So why is it that people just float in life not knowing at all where they want to go?
It is SO important for you to know where you want to go, even if you don’t know yet how to get there!
If you had to describe your perfect day, how would it be like? Where would you live? What would your house look like? What kind of furniture would you have? What kind of car? How would your relationships be like? How about you health and finances?
Create yourself a Vision board or Dream board and just KNOW that you will achieve all the things that you look at! Take little steps towards the big picture, you will automatically know what you have to do! This is a practical step to create Abundance!

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