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Andrea's Story

I got my first ‘reality-check’ end of 2001, when a close family member got diagnosed with cancer. I started researching for reasons on why this disease is killing so many people today. Through many books, seminars and articles I learnt about the chemical and synthetic world we live in today... But even better; I learnt how to avoid it!
I learnt about the importance of personal-development and read countless books on that topic.

I became a wife and shortly after a mum, had my beautiful baby girl and 11 month later my gorgeous twin boys!

I kept educating myself in the wellness and personal development industry, started meditation and met my wonderful mentor Sandy. The Healing Treatments I went through with Sandy brought me to a whole new level of awareness.

Together with my Husband Patrik, I got invited to Co-Author the Book ‘Living an Abundant Life’ along with well-known Authors in the personal Development Industry.

We realised the importance of how we bring up our children, what we expose them to, physically and mentally. We learnt about limiting beliefs, affirmations and meditation for children and how important it is to incorporate them all into their lives. We realised how vital it is for us to teach our children to build resilience and authentic self esteem to be able to cope in our busy world.

I choose to be a full time, home schooling mum and am passionate about helping families to re-connect witheachother, building relationships filled with unconditional love and respect; how to avoid chemicals in foods and personal care products that make us sick; and simply how to get back to basics and enjoy a happy, fulfilled life.


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