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A Healing Session with Andrea


An in-depth description of how ANDREA works and what you will EXPERIENCE in a session with her.

Andrea will scan your body using her ability to discover what is happening for you right to the very heights of your spiritual being and at the deepest level of your cellular being and soul. In line with your healing intention for yourself she is granted insight into what past experiences, erroneous beliefs and limiting views of yourself that are holding you back from achieving whatever you desire or which maybe contributing to health issues.
She then works at a cellular and soul level to bring about changes to your belief systems and past experiences, healing deep wounding and trauma. The whole process is one which supports the changes you want. She helps change your DNA and cellular being to one which also supports you in the best possible way.

Andrea starts her sessions asking what it is you would like to be different in your life and discusses with you emotional and or physical issues that concern you. She will ask you to reflect on your past experiences and feelings in relation to your area of concern. She will ask you to put your thoughts down on paper. This process of reflection and writing activates your long term healing process and helps focus on the outcome important for you.

Andrea will discuss with you what you have written and also your deepest fears, what you don’t like in yourself and what your hopes are for the future.

Sessions themselves can then develop organically in a number of ways.

It may be that what is most appropriate for you is an in-depth discussion of a particular fear, such as fear of failure. Andrea will help you trace the history of this fear right back to its roots in your past. What happened to you and at what age has built your current belief that you will fail? Sometimes these discussions go off at a number of tangents as a deep seated negative belief you hold about yourself in the present may have been built up over a number of past experiences in a number of different ways.

However there will be a root belief, a specific point at which you were convinced that you were bound to fail in life’s tasks. Once this root belief is discovered the necessary healing work can be occur using Theta Healing and Spiritual Healing. When a root belief has been healed, all the supporting beliefs that surround it are also healed.

Sometimes what is necessary is work with the Inner Child, the child within you who tried to make sense of a world beyond its child understanding and wrongly believed that sad and bad outcomes reflected its own inadequacy or that the world is always an overwhelming difficult place. Sometimes this child needs to be heard, either by writing down its feelings or expressing its feelings directly to Andrea in a way which accurately reflects how the child experienced the world at that time.

This work will definitely be necessary when the experiences your child had were very, very difficult, so there is a great deal of fear and pain to be healed. If that is the case there needs to a great deal of careful work, bringing healing through the heart centre to gently yet powerfully bring the child back into touch with its own completeness and wholeness.

The great beauty of this work is that the child then receives the healing, love and support which is its right and which then allows the child to be in touch with the innate beauty and love of its own soul.

Sometimes Andrea will give you meditations to do that have a particular healing purpose or she will help give you tools that will help you examine the positive and negative aspects of some of your beliefs and help you release your pre-suppositions about who you are and what you can achieve.

She will help you to become a powerful ‘inner observer’ of your own process so you can directly experience the full richness of your inner world and realise the incredible choices available to you once you are no longer trapped in reactive, critical and fear ridden responses to yourself and the world around you. Andrea will also help you to appreciate the inner purpose of your soul’s journey, how the difficult and challenging experiences of your life have also brought gifts into your life and helped your soul evolution.

She will help you be in touch with Creator’s gifts to you of experiences and happenstances which have shaped you into a person with a particular purpose and unique abilities. She has found that the work of self appreciation that she does with people is an important part of their healing, opens them up to the flow of love within and without.
There are a number of experiences you can have as a client of Andrea’s and those experiences will be unique to you. Yet whatever its form, each session with her will be an experience of love, healing, insight and empowerment. Andrea’s speciality is in helping those who have experienced, or are experiencing deep trauma, where the heart is broken or the soul is split. She works at the soul level in piecing the soul back together again to enable full integration of self and to bring about a feeling of love, acceptance and appreciation of your divine self.

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